Thermoforming Machines
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Thermoforming Machines

Vacumatic Australia is proud to introduce their new range of Thermoforming Machines built in Australia. Our machines are mostly custom made to specific application. We manufacture machines in all kinds of configurations with the most advanced high tech components and attachments the customer needs. We also offer a new concept of automatic Tool Change to be able the customer with push of a button an automatic tool change configuration. These new fixture is unique and helps the customer to be most efficient and can do small runs more often and keeps lengthy and complicated tool changes eliminated. 

We supply to all kind of different industries as Chess, Meet, Meals on wheels, Defence Force, Pharmaceutical Medical and Industrial Industries etc. etc. etc.

Our customer prefer Australia manufactured machines as we can offer a better customer service from order to finish of machine and after sales service.

We manufacture several different cutting system as you can see in our picture above.

Print-mark and labelling system can be added to all our Thermoforming Machines.

Forming Tools, Sealing Plates etc. etc. are manufactured after careful consideration with the customer and his requirements. 

 special applications

Cross Cutting / Liniex Cutting

Plunge Assist

Special forming moulds with side and bottom ripping


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Thermoforming Machines