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Tray Sealing

Tray Sealing machine (Modified Atmosphere Packaging):

A Tray Sealing machine uses ready-made trays that are sealed in much the same way as a Thermoforming Machine. The top web of packaging material (lid film) covers the filled pockets/trays. The air is evacuated from the sealing die and protective gas is added. This can be done using vacuum pump or through a process called gas flushing. Then the pack is sealed by the application of heat and pressure. Tray lidding machines are available from tabletop for the small producer, to fully automatic inline versions for larger processors.


There are obvious quality advantages for both retailer and consumer in having food preserved better when you consider its journey from production area to store, and then onward to the domestic kitchen, refrigerator or freezer.

Tray Sealing machines help to deliver and extended shelf-life, better presentation, allow greater product choice and reduce food-related health hazards. All valuable benefits of Modified Atmosphere Packaging. Tray Sealing machines add even more value for the retailer enabling food to look better for longer.


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