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Vacuum Chamber

This type of Packaging is one of the oldest packaging solutions in the market place.

Vacuum packaging machines have been designed to guarantee the best preservation and extend shelf life of any food product that requires protection against oxidation. The Vacuum Chamber machine removes the air from the item and hermetically seals the package. By using a vacuum packaging machines you can keep meat, vegetables and fruit in the freezer for up to three years without freezer burn, cheese stays fresh in the refrigerator for up to eight months, and pantry goods stay fresh up to two years.

Vacuum packing provides a safe, efficient and attractive method of packing products ranging from foodstuffs to electrical components, powders and tablets to important documents.  It is particularly suitable for products prone to spoiling as it prolongs storage life, reduces weight loss and eliminates any possibility of cross-contamination.

Vacumatics machine range extends from compact, table top machines, suitable for the smallest catering operation, to heavy-duty, high capacity, double chamber machines to meet the needs of the largest processor.  Special features such as soft air and gas flushing can also be incorporated. 

All our products are backed by after-sales support from our nationwide service network.


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