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This machine is the same size as the 168, but the added benefits of an upgraded control panel, soft and gas flush. These machines are operating in every imaginable Industry. For example: Butcher Shops, 5Star hotel kitchens, crocodile farms, the Australian Defence Force, pharmacies, universities, and the Police Force.

Gasflush Sophistication
The Vacumatic Gasflush system is a sophistical approach to packing soft products, such as cheese, pre-cooked pasta, sausages, etc., and it is now available to all businesses small to large.  Food grade carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen can be mixed or used individually according to your needs.

The advantages are:
- Increase in product shelf life
- prevents product dehydration and weight loss
- Protects products against spoilage
- Reduces spoilage with deep freezing
- Allows bulk purchase without risk of product loss
- Allows meat to reach optimal maturity
- Saves time
- Ideal for portion control
- Ideal for sous-vide cooking

Keeping you ahead of time
With many years of experience in the food vacuum packing industry both in Australia and overseas, Vacumatic Australia has an extensive on-going research and development programme and access to the latest state-of-the-art technology.  From this background Vacumatic Australia has developed a new generation of vacuum packing machines with many innovative features to meet all customer needs.

- Favourably priced
- Highly reliable
- Robust construction
- Operator friendly
- Low operating cost
- Fully see-through lid
- Double seal
- High performance vacuum pump
- Gas-Flush
- 20 programs
- Soft air

*Stainless steel chamber now standard on all vacuum chamber machines

Areas Of Application
- Prolonged shelf life and freshness of food products
- Product protection against aggressive environmental influences.  Optimal sales presentation of food and non-food products
- Corrosion and oxidation prevention
- Sterile environment for one-way medical products

Vacuum Packing Bags
 Vacumatic Australia also stock a wide range of vacuum sealing bags to suit your packaging requirements

Size Of Unit 610 x 455 x 450mm
Size Of Chamber 470 x 400 x 180mm
Vacuum Pump 21 m3/hr Busch Vacuum Pump
Length Of Sealing Bars 400mm
Power 240V/0.75kW
Weight 74Kg
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Vacuum Chamber Machines