Vacuum Chamber Machines

Vacumatic 600 LC

Vacumatic 600 LC

Vacumatic 600 LC

The 600 LC can ordered with front and side sealing bars and with or without gas flush. It is very easy to clean, as the vacuum chamber is in the lid. Also, this machine has the added benefit of being on wheels. These machines are most suited to medium and large operations such as hotels, function centres, hospitals, and small goods manufacturers.

The Vacumatic gas flush system is a sophisticated approach to packing soft products, such as cheese, pre-cooked pasta, and sausages, and it is now available to all businesses small to large. Food grade carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen can be mixed or used individually according to your needs.

  • 100 m3/hr Busch Vacuum Pump
  • Soft air
  • Sensor Control
  • Gas Flushing
  • High Pressure Seal
  • Totally built in high quality #304 stainless steel construction
  • IP 65 water resistant machine body
  • Flat chamber for easy cleaning and sanitation, suitable for HACCP industrial
  • Heavy duty pump to facilitate trouble-free operation
  • Easy to move castors
  • 20 programs using digital control panel with motor over load warning and oil changes indicator
  • Soft Air

For easy and precise operation, the controls allow highly accurate adjustment and setting for each function of the unit.

Size Of Unit850 x 665 x 1000mm
Size Of Chamber665 x 900mm
Vacuum Pump63 m3/hr Busch Vacuum Pump
Length of Sealing Bars800mm
Distance Between Sealing Bars410mm
Gas Facility74kg
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