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Vacumatic TS 889

Vacumatic TS 889

Vacumatic TS 889

The 889 is a large machine with two chamber capacity. It has two line in feed and out feeds and can be modified to the customers demand. It has vacuum and gas flush (modified atmosphere) as standard. Has a touch screen and is fully sensor and computer controlled. Machine can be equipped with auto loading system and de-nester. As these machines made here in Melbourne, Australia we can build and design to the customers wish.

Automatic Tray Sealing machine with Single and Multi-Vacuum Chamber.

The 889 models are the top items in our automatic packaging machine production.

The superior model Vacumatic 889 offers two packaging stations and depending on the size of the trays to be packed, can house twice the number of trays.

Vacumatic Auto Tray Sealing Machine 889 with tray dimenions:

Depending on the client's production requirements, these models can be equipped with different vacuum pumps (100, 160 or 250m3/h) and compact vacuum chambers allowing considerable volume reductions and low consumption of inert gas.

The construction details of these models were carefully designed to optimise flexibility, effectiveness reliability and cleaning operations.

This type of packaging machine allows for many different configurations, including: integration with filling stations and weight control units and labellers.

Overall Dimensions 4325 x 1100 x 1800mm
Length of Loading Area 1600mm
Height of Loading Area 908mm
Approx. weight inc pump 1200 Kg with 160m3/h - pump
Max tray dimensions 400 x 440mm
Max tray depth 100mm
Max width of top web 460mm
Max diameter of web roll 250mm
Diameter of web roll mandrel 70 - 76mm
Vacuum pump 100 m3/h (160 m3/h - 250m3/h)
Electrical supply 415V/3ph + N + PE 50/60Hz
Power consumption min. 4Kw - max. 9.5Kw*
Compressed air 6 bar - 50Nl/c
Machine capacity 5 - 15 cycles/min.

* Technical data subject to alterations. Values expressed at min and max loading with single or multiple sealing tool.

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