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commercial vacuum packaging machines in australia

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With over 35 years of experience, Vacumatic has carved a niche as a leading manufacturer and exporter of vacuum packaging machines. Our robust packaging solution does not only cater to the packaging requirements of Australia-owned businesses, but to the businesses of over 8 countries.

High-End Solutions

Vacumatic provides cost-effective vacuum packaging solutions for different industries. Our high-output vacuum packaging machines are characterized by efficiency, durability, versatility and reliability.

Vacumatic is known for its variety in customizing and exporting machines like Vacuum Chamber Machines, Skin Packaging, Tray Sealing, Thermoforming machines, etc. These vacuum machines are perfect to suit the requirements of industries such as restaurants, Deli’s, butchers, small goods manufacturers and the businesses dealing in Perishable Foods.

Custom-Built Machines Manufacturers

Vacumatic has been meeting the individual requirements of customers and building customized machines for different industries. Also, we have met a number of custom machine-building needs by using the advanced technology that we have at our disposal. No matter the nature and scope of your project, we can handle anything that you may want to meet your daily business requirements. We have everything to meet the needs of different industries such as medicine, hotels, food, non-food, defense, etc.

commercial vacuum packaging machines in australia
Edge Vacuum Packaging Technology

Cutting-Edge Vacuum Packaging Technology to Safeguard Defense Material 

We design and develop packaging machines that are fully tailored to the requirements of a team or a unit. We have packaging solutions to fulfil every need, regardless of how demanding and complex the vacuum packaging machine application can be. Whether you need robust aluminum cases to store defense paraphernalia in an organized manner or flight cases, our packaging consultants understand the demands of your sector and deliver exactly what you require.

Premium Vacuum Packaging for Mining, Pharmaceutical Products

The protection of mining products and their spare parts is crucial, especially during their transit. To make the journey easy and stress-free, Vacumatic is here as the right packaging solutions partner for the mining products. For a better design, quality of service, and delivery, contact us.
We ensure that through our packaging solution, your products remain in a good condition.
We specialize in designing, manufacturing and exporting vacuum packaging machines. Everything is carried out carefully by taking into consideration important factors like mode of transport, weather and geography. We have both the experience and the skill in providing the right vacuum packaging solution to our clients.

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We Create, Manufacture and Export

We have been accommodating and tailoring to the unique and individual needs of our customers for over 35 years. Even today, we strive not only to provide our customers with high-end packaging results but also with long-term investment and high operating costs.
Not only this, if you have specific needs with your vacuum packaging machine, reach out to us, the best vacuum packaging machine manufacturer in Australia. We are just a call away to meet your requirements with our full engineering services and custom-designed solutions.



30+ years and still going strong!  

Vacumatic has been providing premium quality services, meeting the individual needs of our clients by manufacturing and supplying custom-built machinery.  

Up until now, we have delivered custom-built machines to a wide range of companies catering to different industries like pharmaceuticals, dairy, hotels, small goods manufacturers, medical, defense, government sectors and the list goes on. 

Going by our building capacity, our manufacturing and supply range from medical devices to custom automation, automated systems, material handling and more.

Our services are not only limited to delivering within Australia, but to businesses around eight nations. We help businesses in improving productivity and increasing revenue.  

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These are high-end vacuum machines that seal food in a plastic bag for preservation. The vacuum chamber machines have strong vacuuming power which removes the air from food in the plastic pouches. These are widely used in commercial kitchens and environment 

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These machines are also called tray lidding machines, heat sealers, and top sealers. The tray sealers are machines that apply plastic film lids to trays of different materials, sizes and depths. 

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These machines are characterized by package formation within the machine which uses two film coils on the top and bottom normally made of different materials. Depending on the material used, packages can be flexible or even rigid. Thermoforming machines are used both for food and non-food items. 

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Vacumatic Machines

These are the machines used to handle dies. These devices are equipped with smart features used for improved productivity and safety. 

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Vacumatic Machines

We deal in manufacturing and export of all the forming-dies, blocks, heating plates and moulds.

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Vacumatic deals in the production of a wide range of films and other consumables to support your packaging machines.   

The range of our flexible packaging films is of exceptional quality, result-oriented in terms of presentation and protection of your products.  



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Vacumatic Machines

Vacuum chambers are machines that remove air and pressure from a confined enclosure. These are used to test the effects of a vacuum on materials, parts, components and assemblies.  


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Vacumatic Machines

The shrink tunnel has been made to suit our conveyer machines. It is a hot water machine with a precise water temperature control.

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