35+ Years of Expertise

Manufacturer, Supplier of Integrated Vacuum Packaging Solutions

Vacumatic came into existence out of deep and curious interest in the development and manufacturing of vacuum packing machines. The aim was to assist local as well as businesses abroad with high-end vacuum packaging solutions.  

Consistency, dedication, attention to detail and understanding the requirements of clients for over 30 years have earned us a badge of the top supplier and manufacturer of vacuum packaging machines in Australia and other parts of the world – primarily exporting to more than 8 nations.   

Passionate About Vacuum Packaging Machines

Vacumatic has a well-qualified, highly-experienced team of technicians who are dedicated to providing nothing but the best by ensuring the smooth functioning of the vacuum packaging machines 

The experts at Vacumatic go above and beyond to make sure even the custom-made machines demonstrate professional and high-degree application.  

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Hotels Butchers Medical Catering
Small goods Manufacturers Government
Cheese Producers Pharmaceutical
Aged Care Dairy products
Libraries U.V. Protection Mining
Defense Force packaging of components to prevent corrosion

Hotels  Butchers Medical
Smallgoods Manufacturers Cheese Producers Pharmaceutical
Government Aged Care Dairy products Catering Libraries U.V. Protection
Defence Force packaging of components to prevent corrosion