Special Film (Consumables)

Vacumatic deals in the production of a wide range of films and other consumables to support your packaging machines.   

The range of our flexible packaging films is of exceptional quality, result-oriented in terms of presentation and protection of your products.  

Your products stand out automatically when they are packaged perfectly. Our team of experts ensures perfect packaging using a wide range of special films such as Ferro foil, preservation (non VCI), triple-layer film, static shield, CAD pack etc.  

All these films are made using different techniques, and therefore play different roles.  

Ferro Foils 

These foils are used to meet the needs of military applications. Our team at Vacumatic have bought together a perfect mix of film, VCI technology and foil.    

This foil provides a solution that offers a service life in excess of 10 years coupled with exemplary strength and barrier properties that this product is approved for military applications and also carries a NATO Stock Number. Recommended Accessories are one-way purge valves, humidity windows and indicators, MIL SPEC, desiccants, electronic temperature and humidity monitoring. 

Standard Applications  

– High value parts
– Long-lasting storage
– Heavy industry 

– Military 


Preservation (Non VCI) 

Art and artifacts are meant to be preserved. Vacumatic deals in designing, manufacturing, and exporting of preservation foils. These are developed from our high-barrier protection films and foils and have developed a specialized foil known as preservation (Non VCI) foil. 

Our team of experts also provides you with a custom storage solution coupled with preservation films with our range of desiccants and one-way walves. We have a solution for anything that needs preservation under desired atmospheric conditions.  

Standard Applications  

– Fine Art storage
– Museum storage
– Long- term preservation 


Triple Layer Film  

These special films are heat sealable, shrinkable, UV stabilized, and provide VCI protection. Our specially formulated triple layer film combines VCI technology, strength, tear, puncture resistance, and UV stabilization. This film is a premium all-rounder. These films are customizable. The team of experts at Vacumatic can tailor a solution exactly according to your needs.  

Standard Applications  

– Large machinery and parts
– Long-lasting storage
– Heavy industry
– Freight forwarding