Custom Built Vacuum Packing Machines

We have an army of skilled, experienced designers, engineers, and machinists who understand your needs, vision and then deliver exactly what you seek.    

Our team of experts makes sure you get the right machine that not only delivers in terms of efficiency but also saves time and effort. Years of experience, skillset, vast industry knowledge, machine handling, etc., are always at your disposal.    

Irrespective of the type of machine, nature and scope of your project, we have got everything to meet your needs.    

We deal in custom-built machines for the following:  

  • Commercial Vacuum packing machines  
  • Tray sealing machines  
  • Vacuum Chamber machines  
  • Thermoforming machines  
  • Die lifting devices   
  • Die block manufacturing  
  • Custom-made designs 

Vacumatic caters to the special, individual, and unique needs of our customers and develops a truly custom solution. Each machine is built by giving attention to detail in the designs.  

Only once you approve the design, our quality control team uses the final design and builds high-quality, durable, and custom-built machines. 

Vacumatic also deals in custom-built machines for various packaging solutions such as:

Food Vacuum Packaging Machines

Your Perfect Food Protection Partner

Our long, extensive experience in manufacturing food vacuum sealers is a testament to the fact that we are able to design customized food saver vacuum sealers with utmost efficiency.  

Whether you deal in pre-cooked meals, red meat, poultry, fish, dairy, or raw products; we design, manufacture, and export food saver machines for all sorts of food items.   

Whether you need a food saver vacuum sealer for bulk packaging or retail, speak to us, explain your requirements and the rest will be taken care of by Vacumatic experts. 

Medical Vacuum Packaging Machines

Right Solution for Protecting Medical Items

We understand the need for clean and air-tight packaging for medical equipment; therefore, we have a team of specialists who take care of all your individual requirements. Our experts specialize in manufacturing and designing medical vacuum packaging machines, while taking care of sterility requirements and cleanliness.   

We offer our custom-built services for niches like medical instruments, pharmaceuticals, biological hazard packaging, and sample packaging. 


Non-Food Vacuum Packaging Machines

Protecting Non-Food Items

Anything apart from the food items also requires clean, air-tight, modified atmosphere packaging. If any of the non-food items like medical parts, hardware, electrical items, automobile parts, cosmetics, chemical products, etc., require secure handling, then Vacumatic is a perfect one-stop solution to all your non-food vacuum packaging requirements. We also cater to the individual needs of our customers. If you need a custom-built machine, our experts are here to design, manufacture, and export it as per your requirement.

Defence Items Packaging Machines

Safeguarding the Defence Material

We design and develop packaging machines that are fully tailored to the needs of a team or a unit. We have packaging solutions to fulfill every need, regardless of how demanding and complex the vacuum packaging machine application can be. Whether you need robust aluminum cases to store defence paraphernalia in an organized manner or flight cases, our packaging consultants understand the needs of your sector and deliver exactly what you require. 

Mining Products Packaging Machines

Perfect Packaging Solution for Mining Products

The protection of mining products and their spare parts is crucial, especially during their transit. To make the journey easy, stress-free, Vacumatic is the right packing solution partner for the products related to mining. For a better design, quality of service and delivery, contact us.   

We ensure that through our vacuum packaging solution, your products remain intact and in good condition.  

We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and exporting vacuum packaging machines. We cater to clients’ smaller to larger requests. Everything is carried out carefully by taking into consideration factors like mode of transport, weather, and geography. We have both experience and skill in providing the right vacuum packaging solution to our clients.