17 Benefits of Vacuum Packaging Food

It is possible with the help of vacuum packaging food machine to extract up to 99.8% of the air from a food product, vacuum chamber and food package.  

Vacumatic is the top manufacturer in Australia and it has strived to make its mark in the market. Vacumatic builds custom-made commercial vacuum packaging machines in Australia. The machine is used to seal edible items such as fish, meat, sauces and other products.   

By sealing, the shelf life of the edible items increases. This is not just the one, there are more factors too that play an important part in saving food.  

As per our experts, to ensure that the food items are transported and stored in the most efficient and safe manner, vacuum packaging is unavoidable. 

Vacuum packaging food products has a number of benefits such as: 

Increases The Shelf Life  

Vacuum packing the food products reduces bacterial growth and thereby extends the shelf life of food products without even adding any preservatives. This also gives you an advantage of using, serving and selling the products for a longer time span.  

Ensures Food Quality and Safety 

Sealing the bag using a commercial vacuum packaging machine prevents cross-contamination of your product from external influences, therefore improving food safety.  

Besides that, the food is also protected from atmospheric dehydration, freezer burn and mould. You then also have the ability to let your products mature without mass or the loss of aroma. 

Optimize Transport, Storage and Portion Control

As per the experts, optimizing the use of your valuable storage and truck space allows all the available shelves to be used efficiently. By extending the shelf life of your products, you get to buy in large quantities of seasonal products.  

Professional Presentation 

Professional Presentation

From purchasing, preparation to presentation, Vacuum packaging machine always ensures the best condition of food freshness and a professional presentation. Other important aspects are hygiene and safety standards that you must comply with. Make sure you use quality commercial vacuum packaging machines and the latest regulatory requirements.  

Important For Sous Vide Cooking 

sous vide cooking is one another vacuum packaging benefits

Sous-vide cooking, or low temperature cooking provides several benefits in terms of maintaining food quality and keeping up with the organizational benefits.  

By using Vacumatic’s vacuum packaging machine, you ensure that your food product is vacuum packed correctly, so that you can safely start and prepare food and meals sous-vide. 

Vacuum Food Sealers Save You Time 

You can seal family-sized portions of meals or individual portions of snacks or vegetables and then freeze them. At the time of eating, you would just need to fix the portions and then you will be done. This is useful when cooking sous vide.  

Vacuum Packaging Machines Save You Money 

Buying meats in bulk, dividing them into meal-sized portions and then sealing them allows you to have fresh meat for at least 6 months. This saves you the cost of buying your meat from the counter before every meal. 

Vacuum Packaging Protects Food

Vacuum-sealing protects food from dehydration. Freezer burn takes place when water gets into your food. The vacuum bag keeps your food from contact with the air, so moisture cannot evaporate, making it a great barrier from the elements. 

Food Items Lasts Longer 

Frozen food that is sealed through vacuum lasts for about 2-3 years. Otherwise, it may last just for 6-12 months. Most sealed foods are said to last in the refrigerator for about 1-2 weeks, which is longer than the typical 1-3 days food that will last when stored conventionally in a refrigerator. 

Efficient Food Organization 

Efficient food organization one of benefits vacuum packaging

Vacuum sealing makes for efficient and organized packaging. Vacuum sealed food takes up less space in your refrigerator or freezer. Also, it allows you to easily see the foods you are storing. 

No Freezer Burn with Chamber Vacuum Sealers 

Vacuum sealing provides food items with an air-tight environment, preventing the crystals that cause freezer burn. Vacuum sealing the products keeps the moisture in your food for a long time, allowing you to enjoy food that tastes fresh months after you have stored it. 

Vacuum Sealed Food Tastes Better 

Since the vacuum sealers help in restoring the taste, moisture, juices and flavors, the food automatically tastes better.  

Vacuum Sealed Keeps Food Safe and Fresh 

Vacuum sealing removes oxygen, prevents chemical reactions triggered by oxygen that causes food spoilage. Vacuum sealing keeps fats in the food from going rancid, keeps food items from changing color as they often do in the freezer, and prevents them from getting a bad odor. 

Store Liquids Easy Vacuum  

Place the liquid in the freezer for a couple hours to harden it a bit. Then just place the partially frozen liquid into a sealing bag, leave some space at the top for sealing. You can even seal liquids inside a jar and vacuum seal the jar. 

Vacuum Seal Leftovers 

You can vacuum seal any leftover food from your meal right away. This eliminates the need to throw out the food and gives you another easy meal for the near future. Freeze the leftover portions and you will see they last for months – you can even have your favorite meal in a row.  

Great For Reseal Chips 

A vacuum food sealer is handy for resealing chips too. Just know that not to use the vacuum suction or you will crush the contents. Allow some inches of open space at the top of the bag, press the seal button and insert the bag in the sealer itself. 

Vacuum Seal Trail Mix and Snacks 

Vacuum seal trail mix

The vacuum packaging machine allows you to seal snack and trail mix individually. This makes it easy to take snack-sized servings with yourself when you are on the go. You can keep them in your purse, backpack, or lunch box for a readily available energy boost. 

Pro Tip: So that you get the most out of your food’s freshness, you can write the date on the bag after you vacuum seal it. You can also keep track of when it was stored and by when it should be eaten. 

To extend the life of your food, clean it thoroughly before storing. Also, between packaging wipe down the surfaces that are used to prevent cross-contamination. Vacumatic offers vacuum sealing machines and pouches and keeps you organized while preserving the food. 

With Vacumatic’s vacuum packaging machine, you can guarantee the arrival of a safe vacuum packaged product. By using the vacuum sealer, you will not only seal in the freshness but will also seal the product from getting tampered with. Contact Vacumatic for manufacturing and export of the commercial vacuum packaging machine Australia. 

Why Choose Vacumatic for Commercial Vacuum Packaging Machines? 

For cutting-edge vacuum packaging technology, Contact us.  

We design and develop packaging machines which are tailored to the requirements of a team and a unit. We have packaging solutions to fulfil all the needs, regardless of how demanding and complex the vacuum packaging machine application can be. 

Irrespective of the sector you deal in, we have everything to meet and deliver exactly what you require.  

Our experts ensure that through our packaging solution, your products remain in good condition. Vacumatic specializes in designing, manufacturing and exporting vacuum packaging machines.  

Drop us a call, because we are here to meet all your requirements.

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