A Guide to Commercial Vacuum Packaging Machines

In this blog, we will tell you everything about vacuum packaging machines, their types, uses, its working and so on. But before jumping onto the main subject, let us understand the basics of commercial vacuum packaging machines.    

What Does Commercial Mean? 

Commercial means the product is more durable than those products made for the consumer market. Compared to a residential setting, a commercial setting is more in demand. Products or machines tend to get more in use continuously. Therefore, commercial grade appliances are said to be more durable, and consequently more expensive than the appliances that are made for the consumer market.  

What Does Commercial Vacuum Packaging Machines

Commercial grade products are often suitable for home use too, and are also marketed to home users. This fact is true, especially for vacuum chamber machines, where home users can benefit from a much-improved jump in durability that is found in commercial vacuum packaging machines.  

There is also a grade above commercial i.e., industrial. Industrial grade products are ultra-heavy-duty products. These can be a bit expensive too. The commercial vacuum packaging machines are often larger and heavier than commercial grade sealers.  

A home user will rarely have a need for an industrial-grade vacuum sealer.  

To get an excellent quality commercial vacuum sealer, contact none other than Vacumatic, Australia.  

Why Buy Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer? 

The answer is simple- It is a long-term investment. Your work will get easier, the machine will save time, money. Here’s how! 

  • More durable 
  • Long life 
  • More powerful vacuum (good for everything – Sous Vide and eliminating freezer burn) 
  • Machine parts can be replaced or repaired.  
  • Excellent customer service 
  • Life span is about 2-5 years (depending on your use), consumer-grade sealers will cost as much or more in the long run. 

Commercial Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide 

Commercial Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide

You will not need a commercial vacuum packaging machine for sous vide. In fact, you do not even need a vacuum sealer. You can use the air displacement method and avoid purchasing a vacuum sealer. But if you are thinking of buying a vacuum sealer to use with the sous vide circulator, here’s our recommendations.  

  • Vacuum bags are more than disposable food storage bags. It means there will be fewer leaks in the water bath. 
  • Vacuum sealers suck more air out of a bag than the displacement method does.  
  • Vacuum-sealing meals and pre-seasoned cuts of meat are some of the easy methods of preparing meals. Also, vacuum-sealed food will last longer than the non-vacuum-sealed food kept in the freezer. 
  • You will also be able to use your vacuum sealer for dozens of other things besides the sous vide machine. 

How Does a Vacuum Packaging Machine Work? 

A vacuum packaging machine – A product reduces the amount of oxygen that surrounds it and limits the growth of aerobic bacteria. It means that the food products can be stored for longer than otherwise possible. In the case of food items like cereals, nuts, smoked fish and cured meats, the storage times can get lengthy. Even though fresh foods like meat and vegetables can be stored for a long time, vacuum packaging can still be used to preserve them in good condition for shorter time periods. 

This is the basic function of vacuum packaging.  

But what is the working of a vacuum packaging machine? 

Let’s see! 

How Vacuum Packaging Machines Work? 

How Vacuum Packaging Machines Work

The basic working parts of a vacuum packaging machine involve a hermetically sealed chamber from which the air is removed. A pump uses rotating blades to remove the air and thermal strips are used to seal a vacuum pouch within the machine. There are different types of vacuum packaging machines but the basic premise of all the machines remains the same. 

Depending on the power and size of the pump of the vacuum packaging machine, the average time taken for the sealing cycle to be completed is around 20 to 45 seconds. The more air that needs to be expelled, the longer the process takes. It is quite possible to improve the efficiency of the vacuum packaging process by ensuring that many vacuum pouches are placed on the thermal strips, without compromising the sealing process. It is often possible to place pouches on top of each other, depending on the type of pouches being used during the process. 

Different Types of Vacuum Packaging Machines 

As we mentioned earlier, there are many different types of vacuum packing machines in the market. Every machine has the same basic premise but it works slightly differently to each other. 

Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machines

Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machines  

Using a chamber vacuum packaging machine involves placing a vacuum pouch and its contents into the chamber of the machine and then withdrawing all the air from the chamber. The pouch is then sealed using heat.  

Advantages of Vacuum Packaging Food Products 

Advantages of Commercial Vacuum Packaging Food Products

There are a number of benefits you get from using a commercial vacuum packaging machine.  

  • Improved Portion Control – Food can be prepared at once and then some can also be eaten. Some food can even be vacuumed and frozen for use later on. 
  • Reduction in Freezer Burn- Linking to the previous point, vacuum packaging food products help in reducing the freezer burn. 
  • Waste Reduction- Being able to vacuum pack and store food reduces the amount of wastage that is done during the process.   
  • Ability to Cook Sous Vide – This is a popular method of cooking which has many benefits, including the ability to control temperature. 
  • Risk of Cross Contamination Reduces Considerably. 

As you can see, vacuum packaging of food items provides numerous benefits. The process is simple and vacuum packaging machines work quickly and accurately in sealing the food items in airtight pouches, making them ready for future use. As already explained, all vacuum packaging machines work with the same principle, although the different types of machines operate slightly differently from each other. It is quite important to choose a machine that provides value for money and is able to complete packaging projects as and when required. For any query regarding commercial vacuum packaging machine, contact Vacumatic, Australia. 

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